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Aircool  has the experience and expertise to diagnose any of your air conditioning issues and provide the best solution. Our efficient and professional air conditioning repair service applies to both commercial and residential units.

We offer you a six-month guarantee on all completed repair work. Contact us today and an engineer will visit you to determine the issue.Common Air Conditioning Issues That Require Repairs


                                                                LEAKING WATER


If you see water dripping from your air conditioning unit, you may have a maintenance issue or a faulty condensate pump. This particular issue is fairly common, but the good news is that it is usually a simple repair job that takes little more than an hour or two. Our repair team will be in and out of your premises before you know it, with your air conditioning functioning optimally thereafter.

                                                                       NOT COOLING


If your air conditioning unit appears to be working, but cool or warm air is not being produced as required, the issue may be a gas leak. In such a case our team will inspect your air conditioning system to determine the location of the leak and repair it. Following testing, we will add the correct type and amount of refrigerant so that your system runs smoothly once again. This kind of repair work takes around four hours on average to complete.


                                                                           NO POWER


When you have determined that the main fuse board has not tripped and the electrical isolator on the outdoor unit is switched on, a power issue with the air conditioning unit will need to be investigated by one of our engineers to diagnose the exact problem. Once the issue has been determined, any parts that may be required will be communicated to you via a written quotation before any work is undertaken. Once we have your approval, we will repair the issue as quickly as possible.


                                                                           NOISY UNIT



A noisy indoor or outdoor air conditioning unit usually means that you will need to replace your fan motor, or perhaps your condensate pump is faulty. These are often early warning signs that an air conditioning system may soon fail, which is why our team reacts efficiently, diagnosing the issue and making the necessary repairs to ensure no further damage can occur. If your unit has become excessively noisy, contact us immediately and we will fix the problem in no time.


                                                                                BAD SMELL


Consistent maintenance of your air conditioning system is the best way to keep things running smoothly and bad smells from filling the rooms your system operates in. This is because bacteria build up on cooling coils within the unit when circulating air. In cases where a terrible smell develops, our experts are able to remove the bacteria with special chemicals, returning your unit to its former glory.

                                                                              GAS LEAK


Air conditioning systems contain refrigerant gas which will only need to be replaced if your system has a leak. Our air conditioning engineers will use special equipment to detect and repair your gas leak as efficiently as possible. In cases where an air conditioning system cannot be switched off without consequence, such as with a server room; temporary, portable air conditioners can be hired to use during repairs.


                                                                       POOR PERFORMANCE


As with any machine, regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly. When a unit is not performing to expected levels, our air conditioning engineers are on hand to diagnose your air conditioning problem and devise the best possible solution to fix performance issues which will otherwise increase running costs and the likelihood of system failure. See our Air Conditioning Servicing section here.

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